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| Jenni Griffin |

Jason’s Story

Between 2017 and 2018, I found myself falling on particularly challenging times. The stresses and difficulties that come with working in the real estate sector had been taking their toll on me. I was at the end of my rope, financially and emotionally.

It was in November of 2017 when the CEO of our Keller Williams Office where I worked, called me into her office. Already in a fragile state, I found myself overwhelmed when she informed me that she had nominated be to receive support from a charity which gave out meals, to help those struggling.

A curious mix of emotions overtook me. At first, I’ll admit, there was this embarrassment- embarrassment at the fact that I was in a place in life where I needed help. But this was so quickly overshadowed by the surprise, gratitude, and joy that I felt upon arriving to accept my meal. This wasn’t about a handout; it wasn’t about need- it was about a group of individuals making a powerful gesture of support and humanity to someone simply working their way through a difficult spot in life.

In September of 2018, I had been handling a serious family crisis, and was planning my exit from the real estate business altogether. I was at the end of my rope, but before I was able to put in my notice, our CEO called me in again.

She recommended that before I make any sort of decision, I make my way over to the Bowen Adams Real Estate Team, to talk things over with Kris Bowen and Rob Adams, the team leaders of the business. I’d walked past their office countless times, but for once, instead of walking past, I went in. A short time after that, I knew I wanted to be part of their team.

A short time later, I learned about the Thanksgiving’s Heroes organization that Rob had started. After my own experiences, I knew it was something I had to be part of. I signed up for my first event, which was a shrimp boil.

I’d been given the rare opportunity to see the other side of what I myself had experienced. I still felt gratitude, for being able to contribute in such a meaningful way. I felt a sense of accomplishment for making an impact and doing something for the good of others. I felt joy at working with incredible and inspirational individuals, and all the new people I’d had the pleasure to meet. It was a remarkable experience.

It wasn’t until this moment that I’d realized I myself had been a grateful recipient of Thanksgiving’s Heroes only one year ago. I could hardly contain the overwhelming emotions that overcame me.

I remembered being so grateful and so appreciative of the kindness of strangers who gathered to provide a Thanksgiving for me, and I’d been blessed with the opportunity to pay it forward myself, without even having fully realized it. I felt honored at the seemingly accidental opportunity.

But I’m not the only one; there are so many people ready and eager and willing to help and do good for others. Rob Adams and Kris Bowen and every other person working so hard to make sure that people and families don’t go hungry, that they have a Thanksgiving on this important holiday. It feeds the body, but it also feeds the soul, and that is certainly what changes lives in a small, but very powerful way.